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How do I join Tobias Tree?

Apply directly here on our website.If you want to recommend Tobias Tree to a colleague, please direct him or her to this website, or send us a note and we will invite your colleague.

What does participation in Tobias Tree cost?

Participation in Tobias Tree is free of charge. It is entirely financed by donations.

How does Tobias Tree work?

The Tobias Tree App is extremely easy to use. Flashy design has been replaced with an intuitive interface. During registration, using our website, you create a free account with SecureMailbox (a platform for extremely secure and safe email communication) and then identify your specialisations and/or sub-specialisations. We check that you are qualified by contacting your place of work to confirm your good faith. After the Tobias Tree App is downloaded, you have accepted our user agreements and we have approved your participation, Tobias Tree is ready for use.

  1. Open Tobias Tree
  2. Login through SecureMailbox
  3. Enter a short heading to the case.
  4. 4. Author some free text describing the case. Keep this as short as possible, excluding personal data.
  5. Choose specialisations/sub-specialisations to which the emergency question should be directed.
  6. Press the send-button.

When Receiving an alert a flash with the heading and the beginning of the free text will appear on your smartphone.

  1. Tap the flash and log in. If the alert it not acknowledged in this way, a signal will sound every half hour, or at another interval selectable by the user
  2. In the App the whole text will be shown, followed by two buttons: ANSWER and REJECT. If rejected the message will not appear again, but it will be saved for a period of 30 days and it is possible to open it during this time, unless the case is closed by the doctor who sent the question.
  3. When ANSWER is pressed, the doctors on both ends are directed to an extremely secure enviromment where they can communicate with each other and share documents.

A message will appear when a new comment is entered. Users can leave the group at anytime. Cases are easily found through a list of alerts, so it is possible to jump between different cases with just two clicks.When a case is closed by the doctor who sent the question, the case will be deleted from the system. Any alerts which have not attracted a response, will automatically be deleted after a period of 30 days. Nobody, except the doctors who are communicating around a case, can see or follow the communication.

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Who can take part in Tobias Tree?

Tobias Tree is open to specialized doctors and researchers. Each participant must be authorized by a recognised institution. Such authorisation will be renewed regularly. The system detects when an authorisation is about to expire. The participant and the institution will then be contacted in order to renew this authorisation. If a participant has changed their place of work, the new institution will be contacted. In cases of suspension from the place of work on medical or ethical grounds, the participant will also be suspended from Tobias Tree. This is in order to guarantee that there are only certified doctors and researchers in the network.


Rules for participation

Naturally, all case details must be anonymised. In every case it is the doctor’s responsibility to get permission from the patient or their relatives to use Tobias Tree. Applicable privacy regulations must always be respected. Tobias Tree is only open for certified specialist doctors and researchers. However, doctors in areas where there is little or no access to specialist help – RDC, (Remote places, Disaster and Conflict areas) can also get access to a specially defined branch of the network where they can send questions but not receive any alerts. Only questions to which the answers are not easily found may be sent. Doctors in RDC-areas may also send questions concerning simpler cases. It is always the doctor responsible for the patient who is responsible for the treatment. Advice might be given by other doctors in Tobias Tree, but the final decision on what to do must be taken by the attending doctor. Tobias Tree Foundation is under no circumstances responsible for the medical advice given through its application. Participation in Tobias Tree is free of charge. No doctor or institution should have to opt out of participating for financial reasons. Tobias Tree Foundation is an entirely non-political and non-religious organization. This means that no participant, hospital, institution, financier, country or group of countries can have any say on the participation of any other participant, institution or country. The only reason for not being granted access to, or for being excluded from, Tobias Tree is if a doctor or institution is deemed not to be conducting serious medico-scientific research or not undertaking ethical medical care.

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