What is Tobias Tree?


All highly specialized doctors can, and most probably will, face serious and unusual life-threatening cases and situations where they don’t already have the answers, or the answers are not easily found. It could be a matter of hours or days before the case is lost. That’s when the Tobias Tree App will step in and help not only easing suffering but also saving lives.
The branches of Tobias Tree reach out all over the world. The leaves and the buds are doctors and medical researchers. Through the App they can send out alerts or urgent questions, directed to chosen groups, or sub-groups, of specialists. Instantly those with the knowledge can get in touch sharing recent experiences and the absolutely latest research and understanding. A life might be saved.

The doctor opens the app with a secure login and enters a short title and some free text describing the case. Then, and this is the central function of Tobias Tree, the doctor chooses the specialisations, or sub-specialisations, where adequate knowledge might be found and directs the urgent request to these groups only. As all sub-specialities within the whole world of medicine will be represented in Tobias Tree, the doctor can reach specialities he or she normally wouldn’t have access to. One tap on the send button and instantly smartphones all over the world give an alert signal. If the receiving doctor thinks he or she possesses adequate knowledge or experience to contribute to the case, they click the answer button. This immediately leads the doctors into an environment where they can communicate freely. When more doctors answer, a group can be formed; a group that with joint effort may elucidate the issue and save a life.

The problem today in such unusual and acute situations is that the doctors are dependent on personal knowledge, contacts or have to rely on searching the web for answers. The most recent knowledge, from the patient that was treated yesterday or last week on the other side of the world, is for understandable reasons not yet publicly available. Treatises take years to write, case studies (that are normally only written when a case has had a successful ending) take at least a year. The quickest way to participate in understanding the most recent knowledge is to visit the next annual specialist’s conferences taking place somewhere in the world. With Tobias Tree, the knowledge and experience can be available instantly or within a couple of minutes. Lives will be saved. The dissemination of developments in research and treatments will be speeded up dramatically.

Why is Tobias Tree needed?

Specialist doctors, in general, already have established contacts with colleagues nationally and internationally. Isn’t that enough?
International specialist’s conferences are regular but infrequent typically only taking place once or twice a year. Often doctors within a certain field gather in interest groups using active e-mail lists. Putting an emergency question in such a group list is likely to fail. Doctors are often drowned in e-mails and an emergency message might not get immediate attention or might even get lost in the noise without ever having been noticed. It is also unlikely that such an e-mail list has got the same global coverage as Tobias Tree can achieve. Contacts with other specialities would also be totally absent. In addition, the time needed to reach any kind of result through a regular e-mail list would far exceed the short time possible between an alert and an answer using Tobias Tree.

Many large hospitals have special groups for unusual diagnoses. This may often be enough, but there are also many cases, all over the world, where these groups are unable to come up with an answer or solution.

At present the method most frequently used is to search the web for research papers and case studies. This can be very time consuming and recent cases are, of course, not often to be found this way. In fact, such information sources are, by their nature necessarily somewhat dated.

How does Tobias Tree work?

The Tobias Tree App is extremely easy to use. Flashy design has been replaced with an intuitive interface.
During registration, using our website, you create a free account with SecureMailbox (a platform for extremely secure and safe email communication) and then identify your specialisations and/or sub-specialisations. We check that you are qualified by contacting your place of work to confirm your good faith. After the Tobias Tree App is downloaded, you have accepted our user agreements and we have approved your participation, Tobias Tree is ready for use.

The RDC branch or Tobias Tree

One branch of Tobias Tree is specially designed for doctors in areas where there is little or no access to specialist help – RDC, (Remote places, Disaster and Conflict areas). Doctors in these areas can send questions, but they will not necessarily have authority to receive alerts from others or to give advice.
In the main branches of Tobias Tree, only questions for which the answers are not found easily may be sent. Doctors in RDC-areas however may also send other types of questions.

RDC-questions will only be received by specialists who are willing and have signed up to receive RDC-alerts. The ability to receive RDC-questions can be switched on and off. On a hectic day, for example, it can be switched off, on a calmer day the specialist can choose to help colleagues in RDC-areas by turning the function on.