Establish contact with other specialist doctors all over the world to share experiences with solving difficult cases.

Tobias Tree is an App for sub-specialist doctors, managing difficult cases, to establish instant and efficient contact with other specialist doctors worldwide. Doctors from all medical fields are included in the network. The emergency question you want to ask is directed to the specialist groups you choose and will connect doctors who do not know each other beforehand and who have no other channels of connecting or finding each other easily any other way. Tobias Tree also provides specialist support for doctors in remote places and in disaster or conflict areas.  Tobias Tree is extremely cyber-safe with a high level of encryption. Tobias Tree works on iPhone and Android with the option also to use a PC or a Mac. Tobias Tree is free of charge for the users. It is financed by donations. We welcome both private, commercial and other contributions. Read more here!

Who, How and Why?

The idea came to me during my son Tobias long struggle with a rare form of leukemia

A struggle that ended on October 18th 2016. During one of several long periods in intensive care, in a situation when the doctors didn’t know what had caused the acute, life-threatening complication, I desperately asked one of the doctors: “Why not just send a question out to the world? "I often talked to Tobias about my idea. He was very positive to it and encouraged me to try to make it a reality. During his struggle, which he lived through with admirable strength, courage and positive spirit, he often said that if someone else could at least benefit from all he went through, then it wouldn’t be totally in vain. He also gave his consent to me naming my idea Tobias Tree. For me it is a matter of course that I will spend the rest of my life to make sure Tobias Tree will grow and flourish in order to save lives. That I have promised my son." Michael Kaufmann
In memory of Tobias Kaufmann
In memory of Tobias Kaufmann

14th of May 1992 – 18th of October 2016

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    Tobias Tree is a non-political, non-profit organisations and we are depending on donations and our partners and supporters to help this life-saving network grow! Read more here about how you can help!

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